VALOR Portrait President Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

The Valor President is a traditional style fireplace, that features a strong design. If you want to make a statement with your fireplace, the President is a great unit to do it with!


With an optional compact framing plate, the President will transition easily to an existing fireplace surround – making this a great unit for maintaining a heritage look to your home. With the Valor B vent adaptor kit, you could add the President to your condo or townhome. Call us for more information.


ValorPlus control system comes complete with programmable remote control, The Portrait Fireplace series uses a common direct vent “engine” module that has numerous advanced design features for the ultimate in performance, ease of use and application versatility, Available in freestanding or zero clearance, The Portrait shape allows a generous window size and a gorgeous tall dancing fire while taking only a small floor space to install, High radiant output gives efficient heat distribution without the need for a blower, Heater rated, Direct vent can be connected to either rear or top engine takeoff points, Approved with Simpson DuraVent GS vent for vertical up and out venting or for roof termination up to 25′, B vent adaptor kit