Buck Model 91 Fireplace Insert

*The clearances listed may be reduced. Check owner’s manual for details or follow NFPA-211 code if available.

**Model 91 is tested with only double wall pipe.

***Hearth pad size listed is the minimum size required for vertical vent installations.

Heating capacities, weight and efficiency are approximations only.  The actual performance of the unit may vary depending on climate,  condition and type of wood used, stove location, burn rate, accessories  chosen, home layout and insulation, ceiling heights, and how the unit is  operated. All styles, colors, options, features and sizes are subject  to change without notice. Stone fireplaces, large flues, double flues & fireplaces with existing ash dump may require optional direct connect kits. See dealer for details. All Buck Wood Stoves, fireplace inserts and freestanding stoves are tested and listed to UL Standards by  ITC (Warnock Hersey/Intertek).


Model 91 Manual